issue 003.
Collage design

Cover project by Rodrigo De Filippis



No of pages. 94
Projects. 14

Packaging design special.
Collage is a unique form of expression and design. It has the power to breathe new life into old and discarded material. It’s fuelled by imagination and the belief that every image we see has the potential to be something more. It requires that a great deal of attention be paid to balance – of colour, element and hierarchy.


Adam R McCausland (Northern Ireland), Eduardo Martinez Fernandez (Spain), Sacha Cohen-Tanugi (France), Paz Brarda (Argentina), Marcel Lisboa (Brazil), Sonia Roy (Canada), Rodrigo De Filippis (Argentina), Chloe Shao (Australia), Patricio Silberberg (Argentina), Anneloes Brunt (Netherlands), Andrea Figueira (Ireland), Rachel Peachey & Paul Mosig (Australia), Oleg Borodin (Russia) and Rebeka Elizegi (Spain).

$4.95 AUD

94-page magazine containing 14 of the best collage designers from around the world.